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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Maldivian Health System has come under the active control of the MOHF Again.

THIS PIECE WAS WRITTEN IN AUGUST _ SEPTEMBER '2012 BUT DUE TO MY INABILITY TO POST IT ON TIME, I AM POSTING IT NOW. After all what has been written should be published by large. So, with due apology here is the piece....

Hello All Viewers of this blog,

By reading this blog's posts someone may have the notion that only bad things I write about here. But rather some good news (or supposedly and apparantly good news)are coming from Maldives as well. 
Here is the current news from Maldives regarding their health Services. The Ministry of Health Has again become the direct governing body for the health Services here once again. They have scrapped the Regional Health Corporation System and MOH is taking over. Although this time they have formed a centrally operating Health Services Corporation for the entire Maldives. This corporations are only a way to control the flow of money by influential people in any government. Earlier this Mr. Naseedh (their earlier President till Feb-March 2012) Government wanted to eat money through regional corporation bodies posting all the party people in boards of all these corporations. Now another government has come and they want to do the same through this central corporation. But at least now the MOH, which has experience of dealing with the 
Job Visa issues, which had become the headache for every expatriate working here, should get resolved. 
Should be a welcome news for expatriate work force in Health Sector. The problems with not getting Job Visa Card timely and all were never there in MOH times.

People are hoping to take a breath of relief again in this sense. Although it will again become difficult to convey your any message to the governing body as in MOH days these community Health Workers were the naughtiest thing around. These so called community Health Workers were posted as managerial heads of the health centers and hospitals and it was very annoying sometimes. Even a small thing which you have to ask for, can take a long time to reach to MOH and then back to you.
But yes, in those yesteryears when MOH was working nicely, there were less problems as a whole. Let us see what this returning back to MOH brings. 
Although the gist of all experiences in Maldives says "It will always be worse than before in this God damned country". 
If there will be any salary restructuring etc, which is inevitable, I'll keep informing you all on these pages. Keep looking or better subscribe to the posts...

But in general Maldives has changed for the worse over these few years. I am talking about the general behavior and perception of public towards any person who is providing any kind of service to these monkeys. They ask such stupid questions and present such varied situations like;

1. ...if a patient has come with weakness and giddiness then don't forget to ask 'Are you drinking enough water now a days?'. Their answer will amaze you. Most of the times they will themselve tell you that now a days they are not drinking even 3 glass everyday. 

2. ...Then the complaint of 'urine having yellow color since last few days'...and the same should be your question..'Are you drinking enough water now a days?'...answer will come 'No'.

3. ...Complaint: 'I am having severe pain over right foot'..and stop. they will stop talking or will keep blabbering that this kind of things happened in past as well. Now you start asking and after three or four questions the cause will be clear. Actually the fellow got hit by someone's foot yesterday while playing football and as this could have happen umpteen times in the past so that's what he was telling in the way that this has happened in the past as well. They will almost never tell you the supposed cause of their trouble first.

4. ...persons will be brought as a 'least bit away from dying' cases, on the stretcher, bellowing like an injured animal with howls and tears. 90% of them are cases of 'Breathing Difficulty with Chest Pain with Giddiness and generalized weakness with occasional Blackouts'. And almost all of them are actually 'Acute Gastritis' and have not taken any food since quite a few hours or may be whole day. But they won't tell you 
all this. You will bang your head into the dead intellect pea brains of these neanderthals and then only will find this great Diagnosis out.

5. And the biggest of all questions...'Why you are writing this or these medicines?', 'Are you sure of these medicines?', Can you guarantee that this will solve my problem?.

6. There is a quite frequent question which is posed by Maldivian of all size and shapes and across the ages if they are consulting for some chronic condition. 'What have I got?' It is a serious question and as a noble clinicist that you may feel at the time of posed becomes your responsibility to tell the sick fellow that he/she has got such and such condition.

.....Now you, by all your known expertise, will take at least 15-30 minutes in explaining. They will listen to it like some eager student is trying to absorb his/her master's knowledge. You become glad after ending your speech. Everything properly translated. Now will come the greatest sentence of all...'Ya, the same/similar thing the doctor told many times whenever we asked in Male' (Maldive's Capital) or in Trivandrum (In India, another medical hub for Maldivians who are willing to travel abroad for their gastritis to MI) or in Colombo 
(in Sri Lanka, recently adopted medical hub for Maldivians) It becomes very heartening to see that you are as well an expert over the disease as are those sitting in multi-speciality hospitals. But it becomes very irritating that the fellow just now wasted your time unnecessarily and actually was.....may be testing you.

Things like this are common. The commonest of common sense is not available in these fish-brains  And joking apart, sometimes when a real tough complicated patient will come, then you as a clinician will suffer.

Still, we are going there to earn a salary which has been promised in the offer letter. With some lies, they are mostly the same what you will actually get. So, if you can behave detached from these people personally then you can nicely live here, work and earn.
When I was working in Maldives, a few doctors seemed very happy here. I always posed then the question "what is the secret behind your cool demeanor?"
"Just don't try to be attached with these locals, no matter how close to you they are living or working. Their behavior is different than ours and they respond to the similar stimulus differently than us." they use to tell. True indeed...

There is one more thing. Somehow, as a result of this blog, or due to the current troubles in sending dollars from here or due to some other reason, Indian doctors have decreased in number in reaching Maldives. It is very disheartening to see that a country which is and always will need health professionals from outside, is being lost as a working ground for Indians. Now a days there is a flood of Specialists from Russian speaking countries. They get a meager salary of USD 200/- or 300/- per month there in their own countries. So, getting ten times more here is like a dream come true. Although the English they speak in, is always pathetic without exception. Even if someone among them thinks hat he/she is very good in English  it is simply funny when you listen to it. They are coming here to stay for long. Where else they'll go? Here or middle east only.

So, fellow Indian Doctors, if you are reading this blog, Don't hesitate in coming here now. MOH is back and hopefully the same sense of security will come back with this change here. Keep your eyes open about Maldives. It was a nice working place till recently. It can become good again if the authorities take care of it. Cultural differences are not a problem. The Job Visa Card and money sending process should not be complicated. 
That's it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Expat nurse working in Gulhi raped.

Dear people reading this blog,

The Maldives' notorious nature is taking a turn.  On these pages only I informed you all about the rape of a lady Gynecologist in Maldives a few weeks ago. By the way, the police has dropped all charges against the offenders as they stated in court 'No one was the witness of this alleged rape' hence we can not present this case. How funny this is...!!!

Now today got the news about the following. I am hereby providing you people the web page link of a news article. I have confirmed the news myself from reliable sources. There was a time in recent past when I used to work in the neighborhood of this island K. Gulhi.Very sad happenings. My heart goes out to the nice lady who worked for these bastards with so much of patience and got repaied like this in return of her services.

Expat nurse working in Gulhi raped

Expat nurse working in Gulhi raped thumbnail Police have arrested two men and a minor on suspicion of raping an Indian nurse working in the island of Gulhi in Kaafu Atoll.
Deputy Chair of the Gulhi Island Council, Abdulla Shiham, told Minivan News that the incident occurred last Friday night.
“That night a council member was phoned and informed about the incident at 12:30am in the morning,” he explained. “I myself went to the house where the nurse was staying and we reported it to the police right away. Police arrived the next morning because the weather was bad and no speedboat was available at the time.”
Police started their investigation the following morning, said Shiham, and arrested a 19 year-old, a 24 year-old and a minor.
“The nurse has worked for the island for almost five years and she has helped the islanders in many ways,” he continued. “We condemn this action with the strongest possible terms and we call on police and judiciary to give them the harshest penalty possible, even to the minor.”
Islanders were all frustrated and sad about the incident, the council chair said.
“When the doctor in the island health centre goes for vacation the nurse will not let us feel the absence of the doctor, she cares for the islanders very well, even if we asked she would open the health centre at midnight,” he added.
While the nurse wanted to come back to work for the island, Shiham said her husband did not want her to stay there any longer and she left the next day.
Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed the arrests were made and said the investigation was underway.

12 Comments on "Expat nurse working in Gulhi raped"

  • Ziyan on Tue, 25th Oct 2011 6:33 PM 
    This is how Maldivians repay the foreigners who provides us a public service. How disgusting is this to know. Our society has no respect for anyone.

  • Atheist on Tue, 25th Oct 2011 7:24 PM 
    This..atrocity is caused not because Maldivians don’t impose Islamic sharia ‘properly’ That would make things worse..
    This was caused due to lack of legal consensual sex between adults in the Maldives.
    Maldives needs a few legal brothels or two.

  • So sad on Tue, 25th Oct 2011 8:04 PM 
    This is so sad. What will be their penalty?

  • Briko on Tue, 25th Oct 2011 11:50 PM 
    quite evidently it isnt even that, 80% of Maldivians have sex outside marriage. This has issues rooted in different social problems such as abuse at a young age.
    The cycle continues, and it would unless intervention is taken at a humongous scale. I’m of a mind that Maldivians are inherently drawn to such and such. Not everyone mind you. But he majority.
    possible causes might be lowered IQ and emotional faculties of the brain, and possible causes for that might be stunted growth and malnutrition plus ironically the vicious cycle of abuse.
    It is a good question to debate on the legality of consensual sex outside marriage too.

  • awlaki on Wed, 26th Oct 2011 12:53 AM 
    Actually allowing consensual sex makes the problem worse. more rapes happen in USA than in Maldives comparatively. It maybe what you want but not the best solution. So don’t try to spread your propaganda here. Only fools believe in your kind of logic.

  • Ekaloa on Wed, 26th Oct 2011 8:57 AM 
    Welcome to Anehdhivehiraahje, lead by MDP Junta and its cult leader Nasheed

  • maxed4901 on Wed, 26th Oct 2011 11:40 AM 

  • maxed4901 on Wed, 26th Oct 2011 11:43 AM 

  • saigonstay on Wed, 26th Oct 2011 1:30 PM 
    Oh my god!!!

  • Raj on Wed, 26th Oct 2011 2:11 PM 
    Those idiots who do this are dirty animals
    It is amazing that almost half of crime cases in Maldives is about child abuse and sexual abuse
    It is look like 100% maniacs collection in small country /How it is possible?
    just morality zero place/
    big shame for Maldives

  • badr on Wed, 26th Oct 2011 3:11 PM 
    Implement the law vigorously! Whether the victim was a Maldivian or a foreigner it does not matter. It is a very embarassing situation for a small community like the Maldives. Sexual abuse and rape are the manifestation of deep-seated cultural norms that have been tolerated and are being tolerated for too long. The whole country should bear responsibility for such social problems, including the politicians, the police, the judiciary and we ourselves as individuals! Time for a change people!

  • Xpresstrain on Wed, 26th Oct 2011 9:26 PM 
    I support Atheist. Awlaki, you can’t compare US to MV.

  • Dr. Pankaj on Wed, 26th Oct 2011 11:37 PM 
    People of Maldives,
    I understand that you are mostly still not properly civilized but now you are bridging the gap between human and animals. It is not good.
    This nurse I know personally. she is such a nice soul. She always took care of patients in her range of work. Even all those bastards who raped her, she must have helped quite a few times in their short sinful life.
    Do you think that your country can carry the weight of your crimes? I am working here since last 2 years and I am seeing you all degrading in front of my eyes. Youth taking drugs and being free on roads to rob or steal or even rape.
    In your country rape is a minor issue but there are places where sexual abuse is not considered a pardonable crime at all. And how will you live without the expatriate specialist workforce on which your entire country depends so heavily?
    Give it a thought folks…before it is too late.

  • awlaki on Thu, 27th Oct 2011 6:01 AM 
    @ DR. Pankaj
    We understand your outrage. WE are too outraged. We want exemplary punishment for the perpetrators of this crime and any such criminals. But the problem in our country is that the system is hijacked by a a group of ppl who cannot agree to dispense with the kind of justice we have in mind. What we have in mind is full islamic sharia under which criminals who raped would not see the light of another day. Do not get me wrong here. Islamic sharia is not only about chopping of heads or hands. Its a vast complete system of justice that is often misrepresented and portrayed wrongly by mainstream media. If the world ran according to islamic sharia much grief would be erased from the world.

  • Zeenat on Thu, 27th Oct 2011 4:36 PM 
    @ Dr Pankaj
    Your anguish is understandable. We Maldivians are ashamed that such a crime was committed on a helpless lady. I agree with what Badr said above. We should acknowledge that this problem exists and take appropriate measure for its eradication. All porn sites should immediately be banned for one. Secondly, emphasis should be given to sports in schools. After A level, all students should be made to work in hospitals, courts, jails and for disaster management.

  • fathmath haleem on Thu, 27th Oct 2011 8:41 PM 
    why stop at a half measure? After banning porn literature, we shall make it easy for people to get married. During the time of sahaba, marriage and divorce were easy things.

  • Tuesday, August 23, 2011

    Actual Molestation attempt (may have actually happened and now they are trying to cover it up only) over a Female Indian Gynecologist in Maldives

    I have edited this post to accommodate the newest comments made by some readers over the internet news agencies. Comments are indeed interesting to read. (03-09-2011)

    Dear Friends,

    Here is one latest proof of the barbarian animal like behavior of Maldivians. They are in fact animals. They attempted to molest (or may have succeeded but for the sake of saving the chastity of a woman not declaring it) a female Gynecologist, who actually is working since quite some time now and locals must have been knowing her well. 

    Earlier someone tried to make lucid gestures towards a female Dentist in Gaaf Dhaal Tinadhoo Regional Hospital, who by the way is the wife of the Gynecologist posted there only. I have mentioned about that in my recent post.

    Another news clipping is from Thaa Atoll Hospital in Maldives, with it’s link. Go through all this and see what is happening here. There is a risk that all the expatriate staff of Thaa Atoll Hospital may get terminated on grounds of indiscipline (whatever they can think of actually). It is disturbing. To know that these people are behaving in this manner with us all. And moreover, the fault lies within themselves. But these will not, never in life, will accept that they may be at fault anywhere. These creatures think that they are the most perfect creations in the world and their behavior ‘IS’ the best among all.

    This is the way these animals are behaving now a days. And all these things are coming up in the wake of;

    1.     The new government, led by a person who I don’t think is a very polite person himself. The party which is ruling Maldives, consists of mostly the wrong elements, who were earlier disrespected in their society. 

    2.     Multiple times increase in number of Drug abusers in their inner islands.

    3.     Which in turn explains why there are so many theft cases now, mostly targeting expatriates, as in their cases police almost never nabs anyone.

    4.     Growing arrogance among un-educated animals (Maldivians of course).

    Here are the news clip in local newspapers (in guarded language of course) with it’s links about both the incidents…

    Indian gynecologist attacked by masked men on Hoarafushi

    By Ahmed Nazeer | August 23rd, 2011 | Category: Society | 13 comments
    An Indian gynecologist working at Hoarafushi Health Centre in Haa Alifu Atoll has said she will “never come back to the Maldives” after two masked islanders attacked, gagged and attempted to rape her.

    “They broke in to my room with their faces covered, holding knives, and they tried to attack me,” Dr Deepali told Minivan News. “I could only see their eyes. It was like the worst nightmare I have ever seen.”

    Dr Deepali said at first she tried to escape by shouting, but then the men tried to cover her mouth and tie a rope to her neck.

    “I dialed the last dialed number on my phone and it was the health centre. When the health centre answered the phone the attackers snatched it from my hands and switched it off, but luckily the person who answered heard me screaming.”

    Dr Deepali said she fought with the men and was able to escape.

    “I held their knife and pushed them back, then jumped out of the window and screamed for help,” the doctor said. “Then they ran away.”

    Dr Deeplai said it was the “worst experience I have ever had” and that she would “never ever come back to the Maldives.”

    “I’ll even advise my friends and my students not to choose Maldives,” she said. “I mean why should they do this? I did my best to serve the people here, why should they do this to me?”
    Dr Deepali said she had no idea what had motivated the pair to attack her, and said she was emotionally, mentally and physically hurt in the incident.

    Deputy chair of the island council Ali Riyaz, who told Minivan News he was the first to attend the scene, said the incident was “regrettable”.

    Riyaz said he first heard of the incident when the doctor phoned a councilor during a council meeting last night at 9:50pm, and told him “someone has tried to rape me.”

    “I went to her room immediately and called the police,” Riyaz said. “Her room is very close to the Council Office and we rushed there very quickly. When we knocked on the door she did not open it because she was so frightened.”

    Once the councilors had convinced Dr Deepali who they were, “she came outside and started crying – her dress was torn and she was injured,” Riyaz said. “She said two men with their faces covered entered her room and attacked her.”

    Riyaz said the doctor had told them not to do this to her and that she was like a sister to them.
    “She even told them to take any amount of money they wanted, and also to take any electronics including her laptop if they wanted, without attacking her.”

    Police had arrested 11 people following the incident, Riyaz said.
    “Two of them were the two men suspected by the police, and the other nine were those who went [to police] of their own accord because they have past crime records and they wanted to show that they had no hand in this incident,” Riyaz said.

    Dr Deepali was the only specialist working in the Hoarafushi Health Centre and the only gynecologist in the entire atoll. Riyaz said her departure would be “a great loss” for the atoll.
    “She had decided to leave Maldives some time ago,” he said. “She was a great doctor and is loved by many islanders across the atoll.”

    Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed that police had arrested two promising suspects, although he said their motives remained unclear.

    The community had been very supportive of the police investigation and were taking care of Dr Deeplai, he said: “The heart of the whole island is with her.”

    29 Comments on "Indian gynecologist attacked by masked men on Hoarafushi"

  • hassan ahmed on Tue, 23rd Aug 2011 7:15 PM 
    After reading this piece of news I am deeply dismayed. What is wrong with our society? It seems that we have no respect of elders, leaders and professionals like physicians so on. I believe it is time know the government have mass counseling the barbaric citizens. Maldives seems not have moral values at all!

  • Hussain Wisaam on Tue, 23rd Aug 2011 7:47 PM 
    No politician cares! they only care about the committee allowance of 20,000 and income tax bill. What a shame on our society ! I’m deeply appalled.

  • MS on Tue, 23rd Aug 2011 8:00 PM 
    Disgusting! This is going too far. No one can feel safe anywhere now……could it be a result of spreading extremism? With all the women superficially covered, the men are going crazy when they see even a little bit of skin!

  • hussain on Tue, 23rd Aug 2011 8:44 PM 
    I request the police to release these 11 people. They need a second chance to rehab themselves.

  • yaamyn on Tue, 23rd Aug 2011 9:22 PM 
    The doctor’s disgust is completely justified.
    This is a terrible thing to happen to anyone. Just reading about these things is sickening.

  • Maldives: I cry for you!!! on Tue, 23rd Aug 2011 11:39 PM 
    This is a poverty stricken society…desperate to go to any lengths for survival&for the drugs that these criminals need..this is a poor country with an alarming criminal rate where the government gives too hoots for the safety & security of the rest of the population..Criminals like these,killers,thieves and drug addicts rule this country…The doctor should strongly advice everyone in her country never to visit this country,in fact the Indian government should altogether stop all the aids to this country…stop sending doctors,teachers,nurses…stop giving scholarships to train these animals..They don’t deserve their kindness..these people know only just to take,take and take more from the rest of the world,they don’t what gratitude and humility means…Some wild animals belonging to an insane country led by an insane man!

  • Rasheed on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 1:26 AM 
    This is a sad day for Maldives. As a Maldivian I feel ashamed of myself. Who ever did this barberic act should be punished severly. Unfortunatly this goverment and the previous goverment is too soft on criminals. This goverment and the previous goverment is the goverment is the goverment for criminals. They no longer care about law abiding good citizen of this countrey. These people will be arrested but after few days of holiday in ‘ Maafusih luxury jail’ They will be released. Because the goverment regard them as ‘kids with special attention’. This is a film and bloody joke playing over again and again by goverment and criminal. How disgusting !

  • The Pin-Head on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 6:23 AM 
    What’s the use of Maldivian police service!!? It’s one thing to play police academy series with Maryam waheeda on MNBC!! This should have been prevented!! .. As they should be more aware of the situations in islands specially on foreign nationals who comes here to serve us!!

  • Mohamed Rasheed on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 7:02 AM 
    disgusting! i empathize with the doctor!

  • Baazu on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 9:22 AM 
    If law and order cannot be maintained, this will continue.

  • susan on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 10:18 AM 
    The world progresses around while the Maldives regresses. Given that the Maldives has a history that dates back over centuries, the country should be, by now, one of the most civilized. Sadly no. All the wrong things got cultivated into the tiny society. Materialism, extremism, barbarism, vindictiveness, racism. People got swayed by all the wrong ideas, priorities got mixed up, corruption became rampant, drugs became a vice and an easy life has left them spoilt. Just the tv ads on mnbc will give you an insight into this weird society…most ads will show a high-strung quarrel. One ad shows the master asking for a tin of ‘felivaru mas’, flinging the tin away, shouting at the hapless servant. The felivaru mas lost its flavour for me. I am sure it could have been portrayed in a better light. Then the girl who refuses to climb onto the motorcycle because it didn’t match the colour of her dress! Spoiled brat! Then the little kids, thrilled with the enchanting array of kids toys and decor which becomes a ‘must-have’ for all housewives and mothers. Instead of trying to cultivate in our youngsters, a set of values they all run to grab a set of headphones or speakers or some gadget. Then here comes the topper of them all: the hitachi push-button! Sure, a washing machine is an absolute necessity in the tiny spaces of our tiny homes, but when people cannot heat anything without a micro-wave, or toast a piece of bread without a toaster, or cook some rice without a rice-cooker or fry an egg without a Philips frier, something’s going very wrong. Everyone’s head is in a cloud including the junkies who roam the streets and grab at everything and anything to satisfy whatever’s festering on their sick minds. There are a number of reasons why the poor doctor was assaulted. No, it is not the hitachi push-button! But the rise of a barbaric society, through failure to nurture good breeding from day one. No wonder Maldivian society is retrograding at a shocking space. My heart goes out to the good doctor.

  • shame on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 11:29 AM 
    I agree with susan’s comment

  • Reeko Moosa on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 11:44 AM 
    @ Maldives I cry for you. Dear Sad Little Indian. Indians will always come to Maldives cos we pay more. Your doctors are willing to come here and work as waiters cos we pay more.

  • Dr. Pankaj on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 1:13 PM 
    There is definitely something going wrong in Maldivian’s mind. I have been in this country, not for the salary but for the serenity of nature, since last 3 years. Have worked here and earned a moderate amount of respect as well or at least I believe so for my better composure. Still, today I think that I should better leave because these people have lost their respect in my eyes. The way they behave with the elite educated ones is pathetic themselves not being that well educated or even well informed about things.
    I don’t know this country is actually sinking in ocean or not in 30 odd years, but it will be interesting to see what will happen to an average Maldivian, when they will try to fit themselves in any other society of normal humans on the name of migration or refuse.
    Within the 3 years, which I have spent here as a doctor, they have become more arrogant, unwilling to understand reasons, awkwardly demanding and oh my God…every 2nd fellow is under influence of some wrong kind of drug or it’s related products.
    Their mind doesn’t go beyond this new business of party politics and religion. In last 1 year alone at least 10 times I was requested to change my religion in a very passionate and demanding tones. It is actually not decent. But to ask for decency from this community doesn’t look to be a very nice idea. Of course I am not talking about all the Maldivians. But a few spoiled potatoes spoil the entire sac of potatoes very soon.
    In front of me I see that they vandalize the residences of expatriates and that too at the exact time when that fellow has withdrawn some money for his/her expenses or returned back from his/her native place after buying a new nice mobile phone. There must be some local informer or how else they can do it? They don’t want to teach us their language so that we could never understand what they are talking in front of us. They make rude comments on us on our face (this much Dhivehi I understand now to know this).
    All these things are not nice. And now trying to molest our women folk. Actually we should leave these people with their own fate to perish eventually or live within themselves.

  • Dr.Arun on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 1:21 PM 
    I strongly recommend that Indian govnment should take steps against this immorality.
    There are good many people in maldives.where i worked in maldives.But now things are different and people are changed.As a islam i hope rules as per kuran will be the best for maldives.Hope all understand
    Let allah decides on maldives.But i still love maldives and love maldivians.

  • musa fulhu on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 1:39 PM 
    ok folks. lemme pin it on the head! the problem is hindhi movies… ya, these hindhi movies have the usual bad guy who will kick the doc if his pal did not survive knife attack etc.. the folks who watch these movies believe in this kind of mentality.. that doctors are there somehow below respect..
    so as long as we watch hindhi movies, this problem of disrespect will be there.

  • mariyam on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 2:08 PM 
    It is really sad to know that we Maldivians have stooped so low. And to think that there are some who still can’t acknowledge the wrong that has been done to the Dr and to so many of our expats who are working to provide us a service that we are incapable of providing for ourselves! Reeko Moosa’s comment is unbelievable! There are lots of places that well qualified Indian Docs can go to work in, that will infact pay them better too rather than the Maldives. It is not all about money when expats choose a place to work in, there are lots of factors like proximity to their home country, living standards and society and community values. Obviously this country, with the attitude we Maldivians have towards our expat population is fast becoming one of the most unattractive places to come to work in! Sadly Dr Pankaj is right, we Maldivians need to realise a thing or two about life and that its not all about us! We need to respect other nationalities, religions and beliefs. We are the most intolerant country in the whole world and yet we are quick to expect so much from other countries we go to like India and Sri Lanka. We are a mere population of 300,000 plus with the tourism industry as our only mode of survival in this country and yet we behave and act like we have millions in population and all the natural resources in the world lie at our feet! How very IGNORANT and STUPID! If we as individuals and as a community cannot change our thinking and behavior for the better, nobody else can help us.

  • duh on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 6:12 PM 
    I can understand the doctor’s reaction, because of the nature of what she experienced in our country. but the rest of you commenting, i can’t understand. there are lots of things wrong with maldives, true, but really we aren’t that special. rape, murder, corrupt politicians, drugs, and so on, is a problem for other societies too. people can do evil, no matter what religion or nation they come from.

  • hassan ahmed on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 8:00 PM 
    @ Dr. Pankaj, Sir, you have to understand that Maldivians have been a suppressed population for thousands of years. Few years back we have got the freedom of speech and it seems that we are misusing our freedom of speech and misbehaving.
    The youths of today, especially in Island community lack of discipline since their parents are also crude in all respect and don’t understand right and wrong.
    Dr. Pankaj, Maldivian are not of extremist few as regards to religion. We are moderate, but know what is happening in this country is that Mullahs of Saudi Arabian, Pakistani and Indian belief are raving mad about Islam and preaching hate and of cause uneducated Islanders believe in what these bloody Mullahs teach and reach out to people and ask them to change their faith without understanding it is really crude of them to talk rubbish with foreigners.
    Moreover these barbaric Islanders do not understand that Maldives is poor nation with very limited natural resources and an uneducated workface.

  • GAY-yoom on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 11:01 PM 
    HAHa, hehe.
    Great! All my boys of the 30years of well education and 30yrs well manners and 30 yrs of Islamic preachings by me is FINALLY SHOWING SOME RESULTS.
    haha HEHE hohoho.
    I hope the foolish Maldivians will again elect me or my Gang-star bro Yameenu. haha

  • dhummaari on Thu, 25th Aug 2011 2:54 AM 
    all countries have problems with criminals, take the example of recent riots in uk, however one of the most disturbing aspects of recent decline in maldives social values and increased in violent criminal activities is lack of enforcement of punishment. what is the message given to these criminalas when the president continues to release them. my sympathies with the good doctor

  • Paradoxine on Thu, 25th Aug 2011 5:56 AM 
    Some of these comments from readers fit and reflect the described mind set in the article.

  • omg! on Thu, 25th Aug 2011 6:03 AM 
    The worst part of all such things is the naivete of the av Maldivian populace. They would believe and trust any garbage the political spinners ramble and don’t actually act upon changing there life styles. They would rather buy small box sized plots in male’ for illegal favors for electing those bastards.
    The only people to me who closely resemble the anti-social behavior of the ‘student’ and av island populace is the indigenous people in Aussie. Boy do they pose problems, but the thing is they are drunk!!! So what the heck is up with Maldivians?? too much booze? >_<

  • Mohamed on Thu, 25th Aug 2011 6:14 AM 
    A serious crime against a woman, disgraceful act by couple of my compatriots.It is symptomatic of the ethical decay in our society. Hopefully the culprits will be brought to justice.
    @Dr.Pankaj, it must be tough to be treated less than a god (in Indian hospitals?) but let us not trivialize what Dr.Deeplai has faced by comparing it to some idiots making fun of you for not knowing the local language. I guess hoping the Maldivian medical community (local & expatriate to come together) to condemn this act of violence against a fellow medico is expecting too much.

  • Ahmed on Thu, 25th Aug 2011 9:09 AM 
    Actually this is a problem with the islands.You rarely seee this kind of sexual harassemnt in Male.I have a maldivian doctor who was posted to an island hospital and before she was sent the health ministry officials warned her about incidents like this.imagine if a maldivian does not feel secure in her country who else can feel secure.apparently she worked on the island for a few months and couldnt take it due to incidents like this.
    it seem the islanders think that they can get awaay with anything on their island and they dont reaalsise that doctors are in short supply and that they have to do all they can to make sure the doctor stays.i hope swift punishment is given to these people so that they can be made an example for others.

  • Reeko Moosa on Thu, 25th Aug 2011 11:08 AM 
    Who the hell wrote this article? men ON Hoarafushi? On Hoarafushi?? Get your prepositions right before calling yourself a journalist!

  • moosa on Thu, 25th Aug 2011 12:15 PM 
    why our youngsters are behaving like this..????simple answer is the law is so weak and the police is useless….not only to foreigners for all of us they are big threaten…..

  • Ahmed faix on Thu, 25th Aug 2011 3:07 PM 
    “Disgusting! This is going too far. No one can feel safe anywhere now……could it be a result of spreading extremism? With all the women superficially covered, the men are going crazy when they see even a little bit of skin!”
    its sad but true. the things you CAN NOT do and that are forbidden – THOSE ARE THE THINGS YOU WANT TO THE MOST.. a friend got attacked when i was with her in male’, the guy didnt even grab her bag, he just touched her breast and touched himself down there. then he started beating her and left. what is this..? crazy. and no it was wrong to let go of so many prisoners i think – i know a few that are pure evil and has done bad things towards kids – and they r now on the streets of male’ bc of the ramazan- releasing of prisoners… its just very corrupt how the government investigate the wrong people and close their eyes when it comes to the really bad people. and i agree – this kind of violence and drugs do exist everywhere in the world!
    my thoughts go to the indian doctor, the expats of this country that are being greeted with nationalism from some of the maldivians, and the rapes of young women that are “justified” with poor evidence- a woman in her midlife does not want to be raped by 5 men – so why would a 12 year old girl give her conscent? its all backwards. and its sad.

  • Maldives with Love on Thu, 25th Aug 2011 8:09 PM 
    Dear Maldivian friends
    It Is very surprising to see what your society is doing to people who are helping you ,Treating you,relieving your sufferings ,All of you run to India for your treatments in time of need,We treat you in your illness,Still it is very unfortunate of you to treat women like this as a matter of fact every women is to be respected.I hope you understand this. As for my dear friend who said that pay is the criteria for coming to Maldives. it reminds me of a story of a pigeon who closes his eyes when he sees a cat and thinks that the cat does not see him but in end gets eaten by the cat .continue this and very soon no doctors from India will come here as it is consultants are in acute shortage.It is your need for doctors because you don’t have any of your own who are educated in Maldives as you don’t have a single medical college so pls know on what and on whom you are commenting Dear Reeko Moosa.The world thinks Maldives is heaven I agree, but it is changing for worse everyday hope you can preserve it as heaven and not be known as a unsafe and undesirable place.I still believe that things can change for the best? Do you!!!!!!!!:(

  • Police arrest 11 for attempted attack on gynaecologist

    MALE, August 23 (HNS) – Police have arrested 11 suspects including a minor for allegedly attempting to attack a female gynaecologist at the health centre in Haa Alif atoll Hoarafushi last evening.

    Dr Deepali, who had been working in the island for almost a year, was attacked last evening by masked men wielding a knife as she was about to enter her apartment after returning from duty around 11pm.

    “I was about to enter my apartment when they confronted me with a knife. I said I would give as much money as they demanded but they wanted something else from me and brought the knife close to my body. So I jumped out of the window and started crying for help. That’s when they left,” she told Haveeru today.

    Dr Deepali, who is planning to return to India after talking with the hospital management, claimed to have had injured herself during her attempts to escape and was traumatized by the experience.

    “Nothing like this has ever happened in my life and I’m very scared now. I don’t want to stay here anymore,” she said.

    Hoarafushi has recently gained a reputation for notoriety as a murdered man was found from an abandoned house in the island last year.

    Thaa Atoll Hospital’s doctors on strike

    By Ahmed Nazeer | August 22nd, 2011 | Category: Society | 9 comments
    Foreign doctors and nurses working at Thaa Atoll Hospital on Veymandoo in Thaa Atoll have declared themselves on strike over visa issues they say are preventing them from leaving the country.

    Head of Thaa Atoll Hospital, Midhath Nasir, told Minivan News that expat doctors and nurses have complained that their visas have not been renewed accordingly and that they have had difficulties in leaving the country in emergency situations.

    “All the expat doctors and nurses have stopped work and all the patients that came today had to go home without receiving any services,” Nasir said, but added that there were no patients currently admitted to the hospital in a critical condition.

    A technician working in the laboratory of the hospital recently needed to urgently return to his home country, Nasir said, but was unable to do so because of the visa renewal issue.

    “His visa was not renewed and because he had an expired visa, he could not make there on time,” Nasir said.

    Nasir said that he had requested the doctors and nurses make a list of issues and hand it over to him so that he could forward it to the Health Corporation.
    “I do not know what other issues they have, after I get the list I will know,” he said. “All the nurses and doctors currently working in the hospital are expats.”

    Minivan News requested a contact number for one of the striking staff, but Nasir said he did not have the contact number of any doctor or nurse working at the hospital.

    Meanwhile local newspaper Haveeru reported that more than 25 expats working at the hospital had met with the atoll council and complained about their issues.

    The paper reported that head of the Atoll Council, Abdulla Shareef, had told the paper that the Health Corporation was counting staff vacation days in contradiction to how their contracts required the days to be counted, as the days staff had spend in the Maldives waiting for their visas to be renewed were being deducted from their vacation allowance.

    Doctors and nurses told the council that in some cases their vacation days were all but over by the time they reached their home country.

    Shareef also told the paper that the hospital was using expired medicines imported during 2004 tsunami, and that doctors were being blamed for not having enough medicine in the hospital.

    9 Comments on "Thaa Atoll Hospital’s doctors on strike"

    1.      Nihan on Mon, 22nd Aug 2011 6:08 PM 
    Big shame for Maldivians!!! just morality is not exist in Maldives/ people step by step return to wild era

    2.      Larry[geordie]Dodds on Mon, 22nd Aug 2011 6:44 PM 
    The solution to most of these problems is to train your own Maldivian doctors and nurses,and then demand your government pays the correct salary so as the doctors/nurses will stay in the Maldives .

    3.      hassan ahmed on Tue, 23rd Aug 2011 1:31 AM 
    I think the problems are with that of our public service sector, in particular the atolls are not competitive and are not fit for the jobs. This workforce is an inherited liability to the government! It takes time to rectify these sorts of sort comings.

    4.      suhas on Tue, 23rd Aug 2011 10:18 AM 
    Maldivian Nurses are boasting them selves that they have trained plenty of nurses and they don’t want foreigners to work in their soil let the go and work now in veymandoo and other islands. most of the nurses who got graduation are working as receptionist even in small clinic.

    5.      Biju achary on Tue, 23rd Aug 2011 1:19 PM 
    Its a shame for Maldives the way they treat Indian Doctors , lab technicians and staff nurses of Thaa Atoll Hospital on Veymandoo . Its totally injustice and discremenation act commited from the Atol management . How can a individial work without visa , how can expired medicines be use ??? Its a big question towards the management of Atoll hospital???

    6.      Jiju Joseph on Tue, 23rd Aug 2011 5:20 PM 
    requirement of expats are very reasonable. Authority should work out on urgent basis how they can solve this issue

    7.      saiachary on Tue, 23rd Aug 2011 7:00 PM 
    the requirement of indian doctors and staff nurses of Thaa Atoll Hospital are reasonable . The authority should work out urgently to solve this big issue of injustice todays expats on top priority and should give them justice…

    8.      Sadanand on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 10:33 AM 
    Atrocities against Indians are increasing day by day in the Maldives… A lot of expatriates come into Maldives to deliver most needed services forgetting all their loved ones behind in their own countries. the local people should realize the sacrifice made in exchange for a salary which also has lost its face value…
    There is no chance for expats to voice their problems… we are left with no choice but obey the democracy…
    But how long? how long anyone is going to take this erratic, indisciplined, dictatorial system?
    Its high time that Indian media should take initiative to bring about a proper political corrective measures or at least allow people to know of such working conditions before they land here.
    But something must happen in some way… either someone does something about it or we ourselves must…no other go…

    9.      Suni Abraham on Wed, 24th Aug 2011 11:21 AM 
    Authorities need to solve this issue as soon as possible , its time to react on injustice for the safety of todays expats and the new comers…..

    THIS IS IT.............................

    Sunday, August 7, 2011

    The Actual Salary Structure for Doctors & Nurses in Maldives

    Update as in February'2012:

    I had mentioned all the following written in July'2011. There is one welcome change in salary structure for specialists since then. From this year onwards the specialist's salary is raised by MRF 3000 (almost $190). Effectively it is reaching somewhere around MRF 49000 with all the allowances etc added up. Quite a raise...ha!! 

    Rest of the terms & conditions are same. the trouble with getting dollars also remain the same. The Black market rate of dollar is ranging between MRF 17.5 to MRF 18.9 for a dollar. The possibility of getting fake dollars are also increasing. Three of my friends reported getting fake dollars this month and only one of them could return it to the person who gave it to him.

    The MO's salary and nursing staff's and technician's salaries remain the same. They are getting them easily that's why I think they are not increasing the salaries. Nursing staff comes from India and MOs (MBBS) from Pakistan mostly. Although it is a truth that these people basically like Indian doctors only and among that too, north Indian hindi speaking ones they like more than anybody else. Yes, only being an Indian or a north Indian is not gonna help. You have to work for them nicely as well. Almost 80% of their medical issues are resolvable by an MBBS doctor.


    The Actual Salary Structure for Doctors & Nurses in Maldives

    One fellow Doctor, Dr. Abhishek commented in one of my post in this blog about $3500 per month being offered to him (He is a Surgeon) by some Maldivian corporation. It is an absolute lie friends. Whatever any agent or Maldives’ (MOHF’s) so called Corporations or anyone else tell anyone, the exact salary structure which at the moment (today is 07/08/2011). We will not talk about the Overtime business as it is very unpredictable. I am writing down the sum which you are going to get for sure. The official rate of USD is MRF (Maldivian rufiyaa)15.4 for 1$. The unofficial rate of USD is up to MRF 16.9 for 1$ as Banks don’t send your money to your home country after a limit of $500/month for expatriate Nursing & Paramedical Staff and $1000/month for Doctors (Be it a Medical Officer or a Specialist). After this limit is exhausted, that too provided you have an account in State Bank of India, Maldives because other banks are not sending dollars from here at all. For other banks (including Western Union or Moneygram) to send dollars, you need to give them money in dollars which you will have to buy from Black Market at a high rate after much requesting and all coming into play. All salaries etc are without residence & maintenance included in it. Earlier the MOHF was providing a livable furnished residence to all but now since more than a year you have to hire a place for yourself which costs differently at different islands. Sometimes much more costly than you can imagine. So, basically your total savable income is unpredictable because it will depend on another unpredictable thing, Island over which you will work actually.

    1.     Nurse’s & Paramedical Staff’s Salary:  This is a good one as I see it  by comparing it with the Staff Nurse’s Salary available in middle east countries and even in UK. They grossly get here MRF 15000/month at least. With a chance of possible Overtime payment of MRF 1500-2000 per month depending on the situation. (from $1000-1200/month).

    2.     Medical Officer’s Salary: It comes to MRF 20000/month with an additional possible MRF1500-2500 for Overtime work. This Overtime thing is never a sure thing. But there is one catch. Nurses may get a place to hire for MRF 1500/month but as soon as you will go to hire a place it will cost you MRF 2500/month. The same place will be charged for more from you because you are a doctor. So, you loose MRF 1000/month just like that. Let us take it as MRF 21500/month. So, it became like $1000 (for initial MRF 15400 at the rate of MRF15.4/$) and then another $400 - $500 (at the rate of MRF 16.9/$ for the rest of salary). Approximately $1400-$1500/month. That’s it. You wont get any more.

    3.     Specialist’s Salary: In actuality it is around MRF 36000/month plus a possible MRF4000-MRF4500 per month as Overtime if you get it. Because other than Gynecologist, Pediatrician & Physician there are very less chances of Overtime for Anesthetist or Surgeon or Orthopedician or other Specialists. Let us take it as MRF 40000/month. So, it became like $1000 for the initial MRF 15400 (at the rate of MRF15.4/$) and then $1450 (at the rate of MRF16.9/$) for the rest. It takes the total to $2450/month. If the Overtime is higher then it will jump to $2600 or 2650 but no more than that. Whoever told our friend Dr. Abhishek about $3500/month was lying only. These Maldivians are chronic liars. A treacherous lot of Barbarian thugs. No need to tell that you too will not be able to hire a residence for MRF 1500/month in their interior islands. You are a doctor. Everyone on the island knows about your salary package. The local office staff tells them about it. How much you get, when did or will you get it etc. So, you will also hire a place for not less than MRF 2500/month. It may go up to MRF 3000/month as well. This you have to deduct from your salary to start counting about savings.

    So, this is the detail of salary structure in all the corporations across Maldives for Health professionals. If anyone, even someone working there in Maldives at the moment tells you some other story which is much greener than this, he/she is either lying or is lucky to get it like that. You wont get it. These Corporations are lying about it to the local agents in India & Pakistan or Russia and that’s why the local agent tells you a lie there. Once you land here, they know that you will not run back in one or two days. Even if you don’t like this lie, you will stay here for at least 3 months which is the minimum locking period in their contract. That’s why they do so. Keep your eyes open and tell others to follow this blog openly. There is a column for followers on the right side of this blog. Join it. I will be updating it as and when I get some worthy news.

    Saturday, July 30, 2011

    Say no to All South Corporations even if you decide to come to Maldives. SAY NO to VILLINGILI, THINADHOO, ADDU, FOAMULLAH even if you come to MALDIVES against all odds.

    Say no to All South Corporations even if you decide to come to Maldives. SAY NO to VILLINGILI, THINADHOO, ADDU, FUVAMMULAH even if you come to MALDIVES against all odds.

    Dear Fellows,

    Whoever reads this blog and believes that there may be some truth in this, is already having a small bit of protection against the barbarianism of these Maldivian animals (They actually need a few veterinarians here and not medical staff. He..he….joking…).

    There is a clear mandate that even though these are a misbehaving lot, of course not absolutely everyone, but most of them is, they have a strong liking for Doctors from North & Eastern part of India (except Bengalies though . ‘Baangla people’ as anyone speaking Bengali is called here, mostly because Bangladeshis are basically pathetic servants here and found in every nook & corner) not only due to their treating abilities but due to hindi speaking tendencies as well. Plus the general temperament of North & East Indians also is very much respected and liked. The family values of these areas also are revered in Maldives, mostly being influenced by the hindi television serials.

    If after all the facts which you can read in this blog, you decide to come here in search of a job, at least what you can do is save yourself from the worst areas of Maldives. Worst areas means  ‘SOUTHERN MALDIVES’ which in turn translates into Gaaf Dhaal THINADHOO, Gaaf Alif VILLINGILI, FUVAMMULAH and the most notorious of all SEENU Atoll’s ADDU region. All capital words are the name of islands from which you need to save yourself. Believe me, you will not live peacefully for even a single complete day. They will shake your sanity like anything. Patients, their attendants, family members, management (which is also technically some guys or women from the local population only. 

    These are the most retched of human forms. Not only the islands named in block letter above, but the area surrounding these islands is hopeless. They frustrate you to the limit that a normal person can get suicidal. Of course when you come, you have a desire to earn some money, save it for future and complete the whatever term you have come here for and return back home. Right? But the amount of instances of misbehavior/day will be very high in these regions. Save yourself and don’t go to these places. At least your life will not be as difficult. Everyone, ranging from patients, their attendants to management, to your land lord where you will be living to the shop owner…all of them will loose no chance to bite you if you come in their contact. And to live at a place and not be in contact with any of these is not possible.  

    Just a few days ago, as I got the news yesterday only, someone in Gaaf Dhaal THINADHOO Regional Hospital openly misbehaved with the Dentist posted there who is a female and wife of the Gynecologist who is working in the same hospital with her. This instance of misbehavior must have been a vulgar one due to which her husband (they all were on clinical rounds when this instance happened in front of everyone on display and interestingly the Gynecologist who has a long experience of working here in Maldives, must be well in knowledge of their sick behavior could not control himself) got very angry and there was an ugly scene between the offender and him. The Gynecologist and his wife, the dentist madam, wanted to resign and go back immediately but somehow situation was managed and they are staying there till date. There is a clause in the contract which stops you from sudden resignation and leave as in that case you need to pay your 3 month’s total salary + the fee for remaining period of Visa in your contract. You can find it in another post of my blog in detail. That must have been the case which is stopping them from being able to leave suddenly. Who can tolerate to be offended like that? No one. It is difficult. And this is not the only instance. With this current government of Maldives, being ruled by God knows what kind of people, these types of instances have grown rapidly in number. People who are managing health facilities don’t know even the ABC of Health System. They are reacting in the same raw manner as the local public. And when a tight situation will come, which will come almost everyday if you are a specialist, you will find that the management is standing with the locals and not with you. It is frightening to attend that kind of situation.

    Core idea, if the things told in this blog earlier than this post don’t distract you much, and you get the salary which at least you like and decide to go to Maldives for a job in health sector, be it a staff nurse or an x-ray technician or a Medical Officer or a Specialist…..just keep in mind that you talk with your agent before signing any document. Tell them that you don’t want these 4 islands, their Regional/Atoll hospitals or health centers. There is no guarantee that the agent will listen to you (because from these very places people are running away very fast so there is an acute shortage of doctors here at the moment) but at least if he does, you will be saved to a great extent. Actually my words are being supported by another fact that gradually these above mentioned places are getting empty by specialists and Medical Officers as well as other medical staffs. People who somehow come out from these places, try not to return to the same place. There are better behaved islands and people in central and northern Maldives. Why not to go there instead if at last you have planned to land up here???

    Yes, the dollar issues, money transfer problems, etc will be similar everywhere there. I tried to live there for at least 3 years, to be able to save some worthwhile money, but it was not meant to be. Once I came out in 1 year. Worked in India for some time. Again gathered courage and went to get two more years out of me, but could complete 1year and 2 months only and literally ran away again. You all see for yourself….

    Friday, June 24, 2011

    Maldivians hate Pakistani Doctors.

    There is an interesting piece of information about any doctor from Pakistan who is here already or planning to come to work here in future.

    Dear Pakistani Fellows, with all due respect towards you and you education and your behavior in general and your etiquettes and mannerism, it looks like that you entire being is not very well tolerated & ingested by Maldivian palate & intestine. I am an Indian but I do have at least 5 – 6 close doctor friends with whom I have been professionally associated from time to time since last 6 years. I know other 5-6 from Pakistan who are in a cordial relationship with me. Without any feelings of India Vs Pakistan, we have been working and bailing out each other from any type of condition arising in our vicinity. There are two doctors from Pakistan who studied with me and eventually I myself arranged work permits for them from here. So, kindly don’t take my word in any way of misguided feelings. Pardon me for the grammar and punctuations or spellings used in this article. I am trying my best to use their (Maldivian’s) words, style & phonetics.

          I will provide you all a general study of the behavior pattern of Maldivians towards Pakistani Nationals, Doctors included.

    1.   ‘PAKEEZ’, as they call Pakistani nationals here, are not gudd muslims. Pakeez are even drinking alcohol so they don’t qualify for being gudd muslims anyway. (God only knows from where this common notion is coming as Alcohol is not at all available over the civilian islands. Yes, I can’t tell about the local brewing from coconut water and sugar fermentation kind of alcohol).

    2.   Pakeez are showing as if they obey Guruaan (Quran is called Guruaan here) but they are actually not. They don’t pray as we pray.

    3.   ‘Pakistani doctors dunnow much about medicine. Not gudd.’ This may be their own experiences or whatever but this is a general perception.

    They mean that Pakistan is a disturbed country with not enough in job salaries for their doctors, so, they come here for the sake of money only. I have discussed this with everyone who calls Pakistani Doctors bad as I simply wanted to know the reason. Interestingly now a days doctors from Russian Speaking countries are coming to Maldives who are not even fit to be called MBBS doctors by the amount of knowledge they carry with themselves and the short list of medicines from which they can exploit. Although these so called Russian Specialist Doctors are working here, the only thing which is saving them from a show off is the lack of emergencies in health sector services. Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital Male’ is more accustomed to serious emergencies  and health challenges and you will find out that in no case will accept any Russian Doctor, and sometimes not even a Russian PG degree if the pursuer is from India for example. But towards these Russian Doctors they have a feeling that ‘These doctors don’t know much but they try to work with you and they are very noble (???). Sources of such feelings are not known to me.

    4.      ‘Pakeez Doctors are always rude in behavior.’ This is better known to these people only why they think like that. I did not see any difference in behavior from our side.

    5.      One Pediatrician in GA Atoll of Maldives was literally thrown out from his residence within a time frame of a day given to him to vacate the house. He had just come to the place to start working at that time and as I think had not spent even a month by that time in the new place. The story was conveyed to me when I was still working in Maldives. Interestingly the house belonged to a local staff’s family. Of course the management tried to locate a new room for the ‘Paedi’. The cause of this behavior was the behavior of the doctor who did not behave as per their wishes. That’s not a problem. Anyone may or may not like anyone. But the thing is, these type of things are not happening once only.

    6.      In Raa Atoll of Maldives, there was a Pakistani Doctor working over an island. He had to change 4 houses in his 1 year tenure as he was time and again thrown out of his place.  At one place before he left the room, the land lord’s younger brother caught him by collar and made him pay MRF 250 for the so called cleaning up of that room after he will leave.
    7.      In the IGMH as well, Pakistani Doctors are not liked. This is the words of my friends, 2 of which are still finishing up their contract there at the moment.

    These people have somehow developed a dislike towards Pakistani Doctors (Nursing staff and paramedical staff is mostly from India only, and in that too mostly from southern Indian States). In general as well, there is a dislike towards Pakistan. Maldivian are Muslims, but not very much driven by the religious partiality which you can palpate in middle east countries. When it comes to work, they express their opinion free from these bias.

    8.      There is a hospital (I forgot the exact name) where there is a Pakistani Pediatrician. Not that he must not be treating children as per his knowledge. But these people don’t want their babies to be admitted under him.  As soon as one or two days passes after admission, they will request the child to be referred to a higher center, which that doctor has to do, and they will simply either visit some other doctor’s OPD there itself or go to another nearby island where there is a regional hospital where there is a Russian Pediatrician working. It is a slap on the face of a specialist if the patient’s guardians are acting as if they are trying to run away from his clutches.

    There may be endless stories. I am inviting any Pakistani fellow doctor to share his gory story if there is any. Purpose of telling these stories is not to malign anyone from anywhere rather to alert you people who are trying to come here from Pakistan to work. At any given day, this type of hatred in a closed country like this, can result in catastrophe. Who more than you people know the inside situation of most Islamic nations. There are some flaws here and there and most are without any strict law protecting foreigners, be it a muslim or from any other religion. Here these people try to target Pakistanis for sure. I myself have witnessed 3 or four such instances when things were going out of control opposite a Pakistani Doctor. Luckily till the moment there are not many casualties. But beware.