Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just See these things before heading for Maldives and wanting to work as a doctor there.


  1. bad !!!! worst !!!!!
    i am working in maldives as a specialist doctor, its very much hopless working condition here with lots of problems.
    once u arrive here u have to sign the service agreement : Friends this contract is such that u will not see it, any where in the world. read this one of the line from it...
    "This Agreement may not be changed orally, but only by an agreement in writing signed by the party against whom enforcement of any waiver, change, modification or discharge is sought."
    friends, it means here that they can change it without ur notice and whether u agree or not ! it does happen here...... no body is honest over here , they are biggest liars.
    govt or ministry is just bunch of robbers and there aim is to rob u of ur hard earned money by different methods...there aim is to make the expat spend all the money here only............... following are the examples of that..
    1. u have to apply through agents only have to pay handsome money
    2. sign contract which is totally one sided with many funny and faltu clauses...
    3. no guarantee of getting the original MOH service contract . anybody can change it and ask u to sign it ,recently few doctors got a totally different contract , so be careful dont assume that it is MOH job so everything going to be genuine
    4. cut from salary anytime .. eg 15% from basic salary last year
    5. recently they announced to give pension for the employees ! laughing? it is true they say u will get it once ur 65 yr old! what they have done another cut from salary 7% yes without employees conscent !!!
    6. u get salary in maldivian rufiyaa then u have to keep on trying to get dollars from black market !! thats not available friends , sometime may get few, have to buy at high price in black market...
    banks (SBI or any other bank) dont transfer money as u wish , only 500-- 1000 dollars per month!!!
    no other options available....
    7. no respect at all for the doctors. u will b supervised by a uneducated moron , ur work will b assessed by these illliterate person
    8. no trust , if u say something they question u why? , when? is it safe? regardless of ur expertise.
    9. eg if a gynacologist has done PV in threatened abortion they will accuse doctor that he has extracted fetus from the womb and caused abortion !!!!
    10. there are plenty of problems related to work also .... which are beyond description.

    if ur planning to come over here and u have ur own self respect , dont have will to tolerate the humiliation then think twice thrice ........ atleast GULF countries conditions are far better and reliable
    if u want any kind of detail or proof of all these current happenings mail me at doctorsinmaldives@rediffmail.com or join doctorsinmaldives on orkut or (doctorsinmaldives2011 on facebook). u can visit doctors in maldives blog also
    make sure that ur aware of everything before landing in to a fraud and lier MOH

  2. I myself worked in Maldives(as Pediatrician).I had similar experience.That is why I didnt renew my contract.I lost my belonging two times.Not a single time they took any action .The hospital administration is worst.They exploit doctors like anything.For them doctors [i mean expatriate doctors ] are their slave. About people-Better dont ask ,they all are rustic, arrogant,thankless lot.About your security?its your good luck that you return India unharmed .In my one year contract I saw three gynecologist , one anesthesia doctor doctor harassed to an extent that they had to resign.One gynecologist physically assaulted.Another thing beware of Pakistani doctors,never trust them.
    Above all, our recruiting agencies in India are giving rosy pictures about employment in Maldives (whether Govt job or Private one )but the situation is just opposite.Maldives as such a horrible place from employment point of view..Regarding M.O.H & all other Govt.officials, they all are cheat, lier of highest order & real bastard.They will never help you when you are in emergency like situation.You will be left to your own devices to defend yourself. As far the contract is concerned it is all joke.
    Never think that those doctors who are writing in various blogs are the frustrated lot.They all have worked there & want to share their experiences so those who are planning to join this place ,should think twice before they take any decisions.
    When i joined this place, i never had any prior informations about this place otherwise i would have never suffered nightmares while serving here.

  3. Dr. Tripathy,
    Thanks for upholding my view. If no one else then at least I totally understand your feelings. These bastards have to be left here to better die than live and eventually migrate to India in future.
    Oh my goodness!!! how they behave. It is horrible at times.

  4. I am a medical graduate and have applied to MHSC directly through their guy named saddam whose email address was listed on the MOH website. I just got the offer letter too and they are offering Rf 7875 + 5202 per month. I am not sure if it's that adequate. I am not a specialist just plain MBBS. So need your advice about a few things.
    1. What are the living conditions in maldives, regarding accomodation, people and avaliability of food?
    2. Should a couple apply together for job?
    3. What sort of visa do they give and any odd terms and conditions with it?
    4. What is expected of a medical officer ?
    5. Is there a difference of attitude towards Indians and Pakistanis?
    6. What to watch out for from Pakistani doctors?
    7. Is it just Indians who get treated bad?

    I don't know what else to ask, so if there's anything else that comes to your mind please let me know. Thanking in anticipation.

    Dr. Umar