Friday, June 24, 2011

Maldivians hate Pakistani Doctors.

There is an interesting piece of information about any doctor from Pakistan who is here already or planning to come to work here in future.

Dear Pakistani Fellows, with all due respect towards you and you education and your behavior in general and your etiquettes and mannerism, it looks like that you entire being is not very well tolerated & ingested by Maldivian palate & intestine. I am an Indian but I do have at least 5 – 6 close doctor friends with whom I have been professionally associated from time to time since last 6 years. I know other 5-6 from Pakistan who are in a cordial relationship with me. Without any feelings of India Vs Pakistan, we have been working and bailing out each other from any type of condition arising in our vicinity. There are two doctors from Pakistan who studied with me and eventually I myself arranged work permits for them from here. So, kindly don’t take my word in any way of misguided feelings. Pardon me for the grammar and punctuations or spellings used in this article. I am trying my best to use their (Maldivian’s) words, style & phonetics.

      I will provide you all a general study of the behavior pattern of Maldivians towards Pakistani Nationals, Doctors included.

1.   ‘PAKEEZ’, as they call Pakistani nationals here, are not gudd muslims. Pakeez are even drinking alcohol so they don’t qualify for being gudd muslims anyway. (God only knows from where this common notion is coming as Alcohol is not at all available over the civilian islands. Yes, I can’t tell about the local brewing from coconut water and sugar fermentation kind of alcohol).

2.   Pakeez are showing as if they obey Guruaan (Quran is called Guruaan here) but they are actually not. They don’t pray as we pray.

3.   ‘Pakistani doctors dunnow much about medicine. Not gudd.’ This may be their own experiences or whatever but this is a general perception.

They mean that Pakistan is a disturbed country with not enough in job salaries for their doctors, so, they come here for the sake of money only. I have discussed this with everyone who calls Pakistani Doctors bad as I simply wanted to know the reason. Interestingly now a days doctors from Russian Speaking countries are coming to Maldives who are not even fit to be called MBBS doctors by the amount of knowledge they carry with themselves and the short list of medicines from which they can exploit. Although these so called Russian Specialist Doctors are working here, the only thing which is saving them from a show off is the lack of emergencies in health sector services. Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital Male’ is more accustomed to serious emergencies  and health challenges and you will find out that in no case will accept any Russian Doctor, and sometimes not even a Russian PG degree if the pursuer is from India for example. But towards these Russian Doctors they have a feeling that ‘These doctors don’t know much but they try to work with you and they are very noble (???). Sources of such feelings are not known to me.

4.      ‘Pakeez Doctors are always rude in behavior.’ This is better known to these people only why they think like that. I did not see any difference in behavior from our side.

5.      One Pediatrician in GA Atoll of Maldives was literally thrown out from his residence within a time frame of a day given to him to vacate the house. He had just come to the place to start working at that time and as I think had not spent even a month by that time in the new place. The story was conveyed to me when I was still working in Maldives. Interestingly the house belonged to a local staff’s family. Of course the management tried to locate a new room for the ‘Paedi’. The cause of this behavior was the behavior of the doctor who did not behave as per their wishes. That’s not a problem. Anyone may or may not like anyone. But the thing is, these type of things are not happening once only.

6.      In Raa Atoll of Maldives, there was a Pakistani Doctor working over an island. He had to change 4 houses in his 1 year tenure as he was time and again thrown out of his place.  At one place before he left the room, the land lord’s younger brother caught him by collar and made him pay MRF 250 for the so called cleaning up of that room after he will leave.
7.      In the IGMH as well, Pakistani Doctors are not liked. This is the words of my friends, 2 of which are still finishing up their contract there at the moment.

These people have somehow developed a dislike towards Pakistani Doctors (Nursing staff and paramedical staff is mostly from India only, and in that too mostly from southern Indian States). In general as well, there is a dislike towards Pakistan. Maldivian are Muslims, but not very much driven by the religious partiality which you can palpate in middle east countries. When it comes to work, they express their opinion free from these bias.

8.      There is a hospital (I forgot the exact name) where there is a Pakistani Pediatrician. Not that he must not be treating children as per his knowledge. But these people don’t want their babies to be admitted under him.  As soon as one or two days passes after admission, they will request the child to be referred to a higher center, which that doctor has to do, and they will simply either visit some other doctor’s OPD there itself or go to another nearby island where there is a regional hospital where there is a Russian Pediatrician working. It is a slap on the face of a specialist if the patient’s guardians are acting as if they are trying to run away from his clutches.

There may be endless stories. I am inviting any Pakistani fellow doctor to share his gory story if there is any. Purpose of telling these stories is not to malign anyone from anywhere rather to alert you people who are trying to come here from Pakistan to work. At any given day, this type of hatred in a closed country like this, can result in catastrophe. Who more than you people know the inside situation of most Islamic nations. There are some flaws here and there and most are without any strict law protecting foreigners, be it a muslim or from any other religion. Here these people try to target Pakistanis for sure. I myself have witnessed 3 or four such instances when things were going out of control opposite a Pakistani Doctor. Luckily till the moment there are not many casualties. But beware.


  1. oo brother you are sick in your mentality. first look at your own behavior. you are typically political indian. here you are attacking on religion sham for you. you tell me just one single example of any hindu in the world who strictly follow the teaching of hinduisam. i am indian from kerala and i know many of doctors from pakistan who are batter then indian doctors. more over indians are more alcoholic then pakistanis. pakistanis are our brothers and i respect them all. and you plz join the political party in india against islam and pakistan. may God give you right path.

  2. i have worked in IGMH for one year . They like Pakistani doctors more than Indians. Most of patients says ALHAMDULLILAH when they here that we are Muslims from Pakistan.Majority of drs working in IGMH now are Pakistani.Nursing stop is bull shit from south India . It is Indian propaganda against Pakistan, actually they can not compete with Pakistani doctor in this era of global computation.
    Pakistan zindabad.

  3. Dear Dr. Rahat & Dr. Mansoor,

    With all due respect towards your comments, I am writing here what I gather from mouth to mouth stories from Maldivian people over islands (excluding Male' which is a different world and where people are better educated) as well as my dear Indian and Pakistani doctors. A few nurses are in my channel as well. Everyone Who provides information or stories to me, I know them personally and know that they are ok kinda people.

    And there are many Maldivian people in my contact till date. Their personal views are reflected in this blog to make people aware of the local thought process.

    Till recently I was working in Maldives. At the moment I am in New Zealand after clearing my USMLE exams. I of all people have nothing against any religion or any nationality. This blog was created after much thinking, to alert doctor community from jumping into Maldivian lure without knowing some (they may look partial but they are all pieces of truth) of the true stories.

    Of course this blog is not exactly a mirror of Maldivian life and may be the 'Bitter Only' face exposed here...but you also think...good things anyone can enjoy, it's the bitter pills which create trouble, if there are any trouble at all.

    Of course the 'Goodness' or 'Badness' of a doctor, or for that matter anybody, doesn't depend on being an Indian or Pakistani or Russian or American...And I am not saying that by far. I just wrote down what I heard. And if I would like to tell only my side of stories, I would not have allowed to comment on my posts without moderation. It is an open forum for you all to express but kindly refrain from hitting my belly on the name of religion or nationality. And don't make me laugh by telling that Indian doctors can not compete with Pakistani doctors. The idea is so hilarious that I can not even laugh properly due to the fear of choking up in the process.


  4. God help u out of this delusional thinking

    love from pakistan

  5. what an indian can do except eating this kind of shit? you better know the lower value and status of an indian in abroad. just one thing i guess, indians talk like this way just because of their low self esteen. so let indians bark.

  6. It is the Pakistani who suffers from inferiority complex& have low self esteem .That is why they use abuses against Indians.They are jealous of Indians. In fact only they are barking here in this forum.


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