Saturday, July 30, 2011

Say no to All South Corporations even if you decide to come to Maldives. SAY NO to VILLINGILI, THINADHOO, ADDU, FOAMULLAH even if you come to MALDIVES against all odds.

Say no to All South Corporations even if you decide to come to Maldives. SAY NO to VILLINGILI, THINADHOO, ADDU, FUVAMMULAH even if you come to MALDIVES against all odds.

Dear Fellows,

Whoever reads this blog and believes that there may be some truth in this, is already having a small bit of protection against the barbarianism of these Maldivian animals (They actually need a few veterinarians here and not medical staff. He..he….joking…).

There is a clear mandate that even though these are a misbehaving lot, of course not absolutely everyone, but most of them is, they have a strong liking for Doctors from North & Eastern part of India (except Bengalies though . ‘Baangla people’ as anyone speaking Bengali is called here, mostly because Bangladeshis are basically pathetic servants here and found in every nook & corner) not only due to their treating abilities but due to hindi speaking tendencies as well. Plus the general temperament of North & East Indians also is very much respected and liked. The family values of these areas also are revered in Maldives, mostly being influenced by the hindi television serials.

If after all the facts which you can read in this blog, you decide to come here in search of a job, at least what you can do is save yourself from the worst areas of Maldives. Worst areas means  ‘SOUTHERN MALDIVES’ which in turn translates into Gaaf Dhaal THINADHOO, Gaaf Alif VILLINGILI, FUVAMMULAH and the most notorious of all SEENU Atoll’s ADDU region. All capital words are the name of islands from which you need to save yourself. Believe me, you will not live peacefully for even a single complete day. They will shake your sanity like anything. Patients, their attendants, family members, management (which is also technically some guys or women from the local population only. 

These are the most retched of human forms. Not only the islands named in block letter above, but the area surrounding these islands is hopeless. They frustrate you to the limit that a normal person can get suicidal. Of course when you come, you have a desire to earn some money, save it for future and complete the whatever term you have come here for and return back home. Right? But the amount of instances of misbehavior/day will be very high in these regions. Save yourself and don’t go to these places. At least your life will not be as difficult. Everyone, ranging from patients, their attendants to management, to your land lord where you will be living to the shop owner…all of them will loose no chance to bite you if you come in their contact. And to live at a place and not be in contact with any of these is not possible.  

Just a few days ago, as I got the news yesterday only, someone in Gaaf Dhaal THINADHOO Regional Hospital openly misbehaved with the Dentist posted there who is a female and wife of the Gynecologist who is working in the same hospital with her. This instance of misbehavior must have been a vulgar one due to which her husband (they all were on clinical rounds when this instance happened in front of everyone on display and interestingly the Gynecologist who has a long experience of working here in Maldives, must be well in knowledge of their sick behavior could not control himself) got very angry and there was an ugly scene between the offender and him. The Gynecologist and his wife, the dentist madam, wanted to resign and go back immediately but somehow situation was managed and they are staying there till date. There is a clause in the contract which stops you from sudden resignation and leave as in that case you need to pay your 3 month’s total salary + the fee for remaining period of Visa in your contract. You can find it in another post of my blog in detail. That must have been the case which is stopping them from being able to leave suddenly. Who can tolerate to be offended like that? No one. It is difficult. And this is not the only instance. With this current government of Maldives, being ruled by God knows what kind of people, these types of instances have grown rapidly in number. People who are managing health facilities don’t know even the ABC of Health System. They are reacting in the same raw manner as the local public. And when a tight situation will come, which will come almost everyday if you are a specialist, you will find that the management is standing with the locals and not with you. It is frightening to attend that kind of situation.

Core idea, if the things told in this blog earlier than this post don’t distract you much, and you get the salary which at least you like and decide to go to Maldives for a job in health sector, be it a staff nurse or an x-ray technician or a Medical Officer or a Specialist…..just keep in mind that you talk with your agent before signing any document. Tell them that you don’t want these 4 islands, their Regional/Atoll hospitals or health centers. There is no guarantee that the agent will listen to you (because from these very places people are running away very fast so there is an acute shortage of doctors here at the moment) but at least if he does, you will be saved to a great extent. Actually my words are being supported by another fact that gradually these above mentioned places are getting empty by specialists and Medical Officers as well as other medical staffs. People who somehow come out from these places, try not to return to the same place. There are better behaved islands and people in central and northern Maldives. Why not to go there instead if at last you have planned to land up here???

Yes, the dollar issues, money transfer problems, etc will be similar everywhere there. I tried to live there for at least 3 years, to be able to save some worthwhile money, but it was not meant to be. Once I came out in 1 year. Worked in India for some time. Again gathered courage and went to get two more years out of me, but could complete 1year and 2 months only and literally ran away again. You all see for yourself….

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