Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Expat nurse working in Gulhi raped.

Dear people reading this blog,

The Maldives' notorious nature is taking a turn.  On these pages only I informed you all about the rape of a lady Gynecologist in Maldives a few weeks ago. By the way, the police has dropped all charges against the offenders as they stated in court 'No one was the witness of this alleged rape' hence we can not present this case. How funny this is...!!!

Now today got the news about the following. I am hereby providing you people the web page link of a news article. I have confirmed the news myself from reliable sources. There was a time in recent past when I used to work in the neighborhood of this island K. Gulhi.Very sad happenings. My heart goes out to the nice lady who worked for these bastards with so much of patience and got repaied like this in return of her services.

Expat nurse working in Gulhi raped

Expat nurse working in Gulhi raped thumbnail Police have arrested two men and a minor on suspicion of raping an Indian nurse working in the island of Gulhi in Kaafu Atoll.
Deputy Chair of the Gulhi Island Council, Abdulla Shiham, told Minivan News that the incident occurred last Friday night.
“That night a council member was phoned and informed about the incident at 12:30am in the morning,” he explained. “I myself went to the house where the nurse was staying and we reported it to the police right away. Police arrived the next morning because the weather was bad and no speedboat was available at the time.”
Police started their investigation the following morning, said Shiham, and arrested a 19 year-old, a 24 year-old and a minor.
“The nurse has worked for the island for almost five years and she has helped the islanders in many ways,” he continued. “We condemn this action with the strongest possible terms and we call on police and judiciary to give them the harshest penalty possible, even to the minor.”
Islanders were all frustrated and sad about the incident, the council chair said.
“When the doctor in the island health centre goes for vacation the nurse will not let us feel the absence of the doctor, she cares for the islanders very well, even if we asked she would open the health centre at midnight,” he added.
While the nurse wanted to come back to work for the island, Shiham said her husband did not want her to stay there any longer and she left the next day.
Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed the arrests were made and said the investigation was underway.

12 Comments on "Expat nurse working in Gulhi raped"

  • Ziyan on Tue, 25th Oct 2011 6:33 PM 
    This is how Maldivians repay the foreigners who provides us a public service. How disgusting is this to know. Our society has no respect for anyone.

  • Atheist on Tue, 25th Oct 2011 7:24 PM 
    This..atrocity is caused not because Maldivians don’t impose Islamic sharia ‘properly’ That would make things worse..
    This was caused due to lack of legal consensual sex between adults in the Maldives.
    Maldives needs a few legal brothels or two.

  • So sad on Tue, 25th Oct 2011 8:04 PM 
    This is so sad. What will be their penalty?

  • Briko on Tue, 25th Oct 2011 11:50 PM 
    quite evidently it isnt even that, 80% of Maldivians have sex outside marriage. This has issues rooted in different social problems such as abuse at a young age.
    The cycle continues, and it would unless intervention is taken at a humongous scale. I’m of a mind that Maldivians are inherently drawn to such and such. Not everyone mind you. But he majority.
    possible causes might be lowered IQ and emotional faculties of the brain, and possible causes for that might be stunted growth and malnutrition plus ironically the vicious cycle of abuse.
    It is a good question to debate on the legality of consensual sex outside marriage too.

  • awlaki on Wed, 26th Oct 2011 12:53 AM 
    Actually allowing consensual sex makes the problem worse. more rapes happen in USA than in Maldives comparatively. It maybe what you want but not the best solution. So don’t try to spread your propaganda here. Only fools believe in your kind of logic.

  • Ekaloa on Wed, 26th Oct 2011 8:57 AM 
    Welcome to Anehdhivehiraahje, lead by MDP Junta and its cult leader Nasheed

  • maxed4901 on Wed, 26th Oct 2011 11:40 AM 

  • maxed4901 on Wed, 26th Oct 2011 11:43 AM 

  • saigonstay on Wed, 26th Oct 2011 1:30 PM 
    Oh my god!!!

  • Raj on Wed, 26th Oct 2011 2:11 PM 
    Those idiots who do this are dirty animals
    It is amazing that almost half of crime cases in Maldives is about child abuse and sexual abuse
    It is look like 100% maniacs collection in small country /How it is possible?
    just morality zero place/
    big shame for Maldives

  • badr on Wed, 26th Oct 2011 3:11 PM 
    Implement the law vigorously! Whether the victim was a Maldivian or a foreigner it does not matter. It is a very embarassing situation for a small community like the Maldives. Sexual abuse and rape are the manifestation of deep-seated cultural norms that have been tolerated and are being tolerated for too long. The whole country should bear responsibility for such social problems, including the politicians, the police, the judiciary and we ourselves as individuals! Time for a change people!

  • Xpresstrain on Wed, 26th Oct 2011 9:26 PM 
    I support Atheist. Awlaki, you can’t compare US to MV.

  • Dr. Pankaj on Wed, 26th Oct 2011 11:37 PM 
    People of Maldives,
    I understand that you are mostly still not properly civilized but now you are bridging the gap between human and animals. It is not good.
    This nurse I know personally. she is such a nice soul. She always took care of patients in her range of work. Even all those bastards who raped her, she must have helped quite a few times in their short sinful life.
    Do you think that your country can carry the weight of your crimes? I am working here since last 2 years and I am seeing you all degrading in front of my eyes. Youth taking drugs and being free on roads to rob or steal or even rape.
    In your country rape is a minor issue but there are places where sexual abuse is not considered a pardonable crime at all. And how will you live without the expatriate specialist workforce on which your entire country depends so heavily?
    Give it a thought folks…before it is too late.

  • awlaki on Thu, 27th Oct 2011 6:01 AM 
    @ DR. Pankaj
    We understand your outrage. WE are too outraged. We want exemplary punishment for the perpetrators of this crime and any such criminals. But the problem in our country is that the system is hijacked by a a group of ppl who cannot agree to dispense with the kind of justice we have in mind. What we have in mind is full islamic sharia under which criminals who raped would not see the light of another day. Do not get me wrong here. Islamic sharia is not only about chopping of heads or hands. Its a vast complete system of justice that is often misrepresented and portrayed wrongly by mainstream media. If the world ran according to islamic sharia much grief would be erased from the world.

  • Zeenat on Thu, 27th Oct 2011 4:36 PM 
    @ Dr Pankaj
    Your anguish is understandable. We Maldivians are ashamed that such a crime was committed on a helpless lady. I agree with what Badr said above. We should acknowledge that this problem exists and take appropriate measure for its eradication. All porn sites should immediately be banned for one. Secondly, emphasis should be given to sports in schools. After A level, all students should be made to work in hospitals, courts, jails and for disaster management.

  • fathmath haleem on Thu, 27th Oct 2011 8:41 PM 
    why stop at a half measure? After banning porn literature, we shall make it easy for people to get married. During the time of sahaba, marriage and divorce were easy things.


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    3. Assalam o alikum dear..this is bad news...being Maldivian people should respect expat of any nationality or religion. I feel these things happen in Maldivian society bc of lack of following of religion,lack of family system who teach them respect of females & there elders..all society is disturb due to European culture which hit directly through resort culture.

    4. Assalam o alikum dear..this is bad news...being Maldivian people should respect expat of any nationality or religion. I feel these things happen in Maldivian society bc of lack of following of religion,lack of family system who teach them respect of females & there elders..all society is disturb due to European culture which hit directly through resort culture.

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