Sunday, October 24, 2010

See the condition of working Doctors in Maldives in their Media.

Excerpts from

Ah! some of you stupid maldivians.
First of all you fishermen dont have the brains to do the right thing. Thankfully “Golaboh” Gayoom had the brains to bring in foreign doctors and teachers to train maldivians and improve their intelligence.
Secondly, Bangladeshi workers were brought in becasue maldvians dont work hard themselves.
The maldivians are only interested in drugs, hakuru, sex, marriage, divorce, pornography, anal sex and abominations AND TO TOP IT ALL FINALLY SAY THAT THEY ARE MUSLIM DHO!
Why do our people not realize that we need foreigners to work for us? They are the ones who are helping us improve. We must appreciate them by paying them well and treating them with dignity.
I studied in Male’ and had many foreign teachers who trained me. they were very concerned about all of us. But we people! when we grow up we dont even regard and respect them. Shame on you people. When I went lanka for studies, i realized how people look down upon me only because i was a maldivian. I then realized how wrong we were in what we did. i changed…
Why does BML bring out stupid policies. Let us suffer for these incongruities. Don’t torture the foreigners. How do you expect them to be happy and serve us if we keep troubling them? Why have different standards for Maldivians and foreigners?
Just imagine – doctors and teachers are getting robbed – but government does not pay their expenses for treatment. But when a maldivian hakuru thief gets injured he gets free treatment and even gets free foreign treatment.
I am working in IGMH and let me tell you, when a thief had a head injury he was sent to Lanka – ALL EXPENSES PAID BY THE POLICE – only because he was arrested after he fell down while robbing and hurt his head.
What outrageous things are these?
That shows that we are appreciating and encouraging the maldivian hakuru culture and torturing the foreigners who come to serve us.
Shame to Anni – the ganja boh and all hakuru maldivians.
praise to Gayoom – sorry i did not vote for you. My one vote would have made you stronger. I was stupid to vote for ganja bo thinking that we would have a better life. Sorry Gayoom be.
Shame on ganja bo, flat be, faddah bo Anni.


  1. dear doctor,
    i am an general surgeon by profession.recently i have received an offer for post of consultant with a salary of 3500 USD.PLZ ADVICE me what shd i do . in india i earn something around 1.2lac per month

  2. Educate the people, then they can understand...

  3. maldivians are uneducated but my brother you are educated? from which angle you are educated you writing against a nation against religion. who are your teachers. sex rap pornography bad behavior killing more common in india. you are thinking you are only smart lets come talk to me on any topic of medicine bagwat geeta vedas quran bible. you can blame a nation only u can only blame to some people.