Saturday, March 5, 2011


Dear Viewers of this blog,

Welcome to the world where we don't want to hide ugly things just to look good. Where we wish to help others from the similar community (all doctors from around the world) so that they don't fall in the same ditch where me or my friends may have fallen. This blog may look like a shocking exaggeration to many. Many may not agree with the things told here. And many may think it is a lie altogether. 

Kindly comment on the articles so that I also come to know about your views. I myself am leaving Maldives in 15 day's time. There will be others who will be giving me relevant information from here and I will be uploading it from elsewhere. Your opinion is vital to us all.

Regards and best wishes.


  1. Whatever things are mentioned in this blog is 100%,truth,not a bit exaggeration. i too worked there & faced similar situations.Maldives is not good at all for expatriates particularly doctors & teachers.

  2. friends ! another bad news for the expats in maldives!!
    devaluation of rufiya ...... now 1$ = 15.42 mrf

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  4. After an incident at ADK, this is started, somehow some of Maldives uneducated people are treating doctors like dogs. They thinks doctors and other people working in Maldives are slaves and they think that we are here that because of we don’t have jobs in our countries.
    Clifford Merchant