Monday, March 14, 2011

Things are getting marginally BETTER in Maldives with the more humane management taking over as corporation.

A Good News for all of us. The Maldivian MOH has divided the entire country in 9 parts and forming corporations to manage them all locally. These corporation managers look to be better behaving and listening to our problems better than before. Things are marginally better in terms of employee - management relationship.
Anyway, people are the same. Will become worse eventually though. With increasing use of drugs.

All the best. 

Bye! Bye bye Maldives for quite some time. From the core of my heart.


  1. thanks alot and congratulations for doing some courageos job for doctor community . i will provide you more evidences of fraud here in maldives . it will be nice if you post the evidences also, like letters and memos issued to the doctors and nurses.

  2. You are most welcome. I will not leave these bastards unexposed in front of the whole world which is giving them donations to keep health services running. The WHO should know what and how they are doing things here.

  3. dear doctor,
    i am an general surgeon by profession.recently i have received an offer for post of consultant with a salary of 3500 USD.PLZ ADVICE me what shd i do . in india i earn something around 1.2lac per month

  4. Dr. Abhishek,

    First of all...Try to read the current posts of this blog.
    Second thing is, whatever they say, these people are all liars and full of treachery. it will never be the sum they say. Lot of things like, possible overtime or dollar rates will eventually make it around $2600 for specialists. This much is the salary of specialists at the moment in truth.
    Third, how will you transfer the money to India?
    No bank is ready to transfer money other than SBI and it too sends $1000 per month only. Rest of the money has a chance to get stuck here forever or you will have to buy the dollar in black market.
    Think for yourself Doctor. It doesn't look to be worth coming here for the moment....

  5. Dr. Abhishek,
    You will be mad to come here if you are earning even 1 lakh a month in India.